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Storesprite Installation Token

Product Information

If you do not have time, or, are unable to install storesprite onto your web server we can do it for you. With an installation token we will install one copy of storesprite on your web server ready for you to customise. We will require full sftp/ssh access to enable us to do this and access to or details of MySQL configuration.

If you are unsure what this entails, or are not sure that your webserver meets the requirements for storesprite installation, please contact us before purchase.

We won't install if:

  • Your server does not meet our requirements
  • Your server is Windows or Mac based
  • Zend Optimizer is not installed

This product does not entitle you to any free customisation work, data importation or additional support of any type (eg. we simply install the base system for you, you will be responsible for any html/css code changes that you require).

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