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Storesprite - Template TAG Guide


Displays current special offers as defined in the product manager.

Optional and very flexible can be used to display special offers A: Overall for whole store and B: On a per category basis.

The calling function should be included in site header or footer file to be used for A&B concurrently.

Calling function can also be located in other files - for example shop index (to display special offer items on store homepage!).

Function Values
You will notice that the calling function accepts two values, the first is the number of best sellers you want returned, the second is an optional category id (dynamically assigned).

Default file location: index.php
Calling Function: getSpecialOffers();
Type: Looping (?)
Required: Optional
Portable: Yes

Tag Name / Code Details
{PRODUCT-ADDTOBASKET} Returns dynamic form action
{PRODUCT-LINK} Returns link to product display page
{PRODUCT-NAME} Returns product name
{PRICE-SINGLE} Returns optional single price (ignoring options)
{QTY} Returns qty input box
{PRODUCT-OPTIONSPRICES} Returns price or drop down of options if applicable to product
{PRODUCT-THUMBIMAGE} Returns thumbnail image