E: sales@storesprite.com

Bug Reporting

We get bug reports submitted to us every now and then, a lot of which turn out to be UE (User Error). This takes us away from our job - a large portion of which is writing and maintaining this software.

Before you submit a Bug Report....

Please take a few moments to note down the details of the problem before submitting it to us, the clearer you are about the problem - the faster we can act.

  • Has it been reported already - search the forum first!
  • We need to replicate the issue - tell us how step by step
  • If you can't tell us how, give as much detail as possible (exact error messages etc)
  • You can try and fix it yourself, but please let us know regardless.
  • Please provide any additional info we request - we won't ask for anything we don't need
  • Try to be clear and concise - we need to understand what the problem is
  • Please be courteous and we will reciprocate ;)

If you have found a bug, please check the bug forum to see if it has already been reported. If it looks like a new bug, please report it to us.