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Customising Storesprite

This is a very basic introduction to how to customise your free storesprite installation. It is by no means extensive or exhaustive of the possible ways you can customise your store.

Let's get started!

storesprite is built in such a way that all of the complex scripting is kept out of the way of the customisable front facing parts of the store.

As long as you are comfortable with HTML you should be able to customise your installation to look and feel how you want.

Header & Footer

storesprite is template driven which means that you have a header file and a footer file that appear on all pages and the content is inserted in between them.

The main customisable files are:


If you open these up in your favourite text editor you can change the html to suit what you want.


The pages of your store and customer account area can all be customised how you see fit and are located in the main folder and the 'secure' folder.

You do not need to worry about any files in sub folders of these two main folders.

PHP Functions

You will notice some PHP functions in most files with a .php extension:


The functions do the work for you and grab information which is sent back to the browser.

You might not want to use all of the functions, or you might want to move them to different parts of the page - go ahead.

The index.php file (main store homepage) and the header and footer files have several functions in them. You can remove the ones you do not want to use, or even move them into NEW files. for example if you want a special offers or bestsellers page.

Templates, Tplates and Tags

A lot of the functions have a related template file which is in basic html. These can be customised with your pretty html and pictures.

If you open any of the files in the 'tplates' directory you will see the html (that you can replace with yours) and also the bits that storesprite processes and sends back.

Anything that resides inside curly braces {} is parsed and returned by storesprite.


You can remove the curly braced bits you do not want to display, for example if you do not charge tax, then in the files that output basket prices you would remove the {TAX} tags.

Shop Messages

The system automatically displays messages to shoppers when they have completed an action (eg. changing password). You can customise these messages by editing the file: