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Installation Guide

storesprite comes with a web based installer that will set up your database and configuration files for you and will prompt you to carry out a few necessary administrative actions.

Step by step...

Installing storesprite is quite straightforward, follow the instructions below and pay attention to the notes on the installation screens.

  • 1. UnZip the file 'storesprite-x-x-xx.zip' file

    Ensure that you have selected the correct zip for your server environment.

  • 2. Transfer files to server

    The files in this release are Zend Encoded which means that they are in a binary format. If your FTP client has the option to select between ASCII (Plain text) and binary please makesure that binary is selected. If you are unsure use your ftp client default.

  • 3. Run install program

    Point your web browser to the install directory and the installer should start. Follow the instructions on the installer screens.

    eg. http://www.yourdomain.com/install or http://www.yourdomain.com/store/install

  • 4. Tidy Up!

    Once the installer has finished it will remind you to remove the installation directory from your server this will be located in the main directory. Also be sure to tighten the permissions on the file 'private/config.php' and any other files folders to make them non world writeable.

    eg. http://www.yourdomain.com/ or http://www.yourdomain.com/store/

  • 5. Admin Panel

    Just in case you miss it the admin panel is at /ss-admin you are prompted to set an admin user login upon installation. You can rename this directory - but if you do you will also need to edit /private/config.php.

What now?

You might want to read our brief customisation document or the quick guide on the forum. Either way, good luck with your ecommerce project!

Something went wrong?

If you hit a snag during the installation we encourage you to join us at the storesprite forum. All the common issues are covered.